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Meet Our Undergraduate Executive Team

Below is the 2016-2017 Officer Team contact information.

IMG_6721_Original - Simone Mahoney.jpeg

Simone Mahoney

IMG_0843 - Parnikaa T.JPG

Parnikaa Thumu

IMG_7618 - Liza Wolcott.jpeg

Liza Wolcott

VP of Finance

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 1.39.33 PM - Kendall Coughlin.png

Kendall Coughlin

VP of Professional Development

IMG_1928 - Isabella Vu_edited.jpg

Isabella Vu

Assistant VP of Professional Development

A5B94254-58E2-4601-A457-C3E58D3E89B7 - Natasha Shrestha_edited_edited.jpg

Natasha Shrestha

VP of Communications


Charlotte Spurr

Assistant VP of Communications

Copy of DSC03923 - Katie Chung.JPG

Katie Chung

Co-VP of Corporate Relations


Caroline Stillwell

Co-VP of Corporate Relations


Ashley Alt

Assistant VP of Corporate Relations


Madison Sirgany

Co-VP of Mentorship


Risa Mohapatra

Co-VP of Mentorship

Morgan Hawthorne headshot  - morgan hawthorne copy.jpg

Morgan Hawthorne

Assistant VP of Recruitment and Logistics

Katherine Ku Headshot - Katherine Ku.jpg

Katherine Ku

Co-VP of Recruitment and Logistics

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 10.39.18 AM - Emsley Jones.png

Emsley Jones

VP of Community Service

Kate Clarkson Headshot - Kate Clarkson.jpeg

Kate Clarkson

Co-VP of Recruitment and Logistics

20231119_COX - A.K.A. HEADSHOTS & GROUP PHOTOS-41 (1) - Chanel Best.jpeg

Chanel Best

Assistant VP of Community Service

IMG_5535 - Simone Mahoney.jpeg

Simone Mahoney


Studies & School Year: Business Administration Major, Information Systems and PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) Minor, 2025

Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina

Career Interests: Investment Banking

Internship Experiences: Private Equity Analyst for Moonlight Street Holdings, Incoming Summer Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America (LevFin)

UNC Involvements: UNC Finance Society, PPE Society

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