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Career Changer: Candid Conversation on Jumping Ship to Explore a New Role

McColl 2575

Amy_Rosso - Headshot.jpg

Amy Rosso


FIT4MOM Chapel Hill

(former university operations professional)

Kai_Mathey - Headshot_2.jpg

Kai Mathey

Head of Partnerships


(Former COO Tasting Table)

Antwine Antoinette.JPG

Antwine Antoinette Love


MelAmour LLC

(Former healthcare professional)

Heather_Harreld - Headshot.jfif

Heather Harreld

Director of Marketing Communications

RTI International

(former public relations and consulting professional)

Studies show millennials may have up to five careers in their lifetime—a stark difference compared to Boomers and Gen-Xers who commonly hone one craft. Furthermore, it’s likely each of these five millennial careers will differ in both industry and job function. In this candid conversation, gain inspiration and confidence to not only explore a new career, but understand how your previously acquired skill set will be an invaluable asset at the next company you join.

Career Changer: Candid Conversation on Jumping Ship to Explore a New Role

Passion Panel

McColl 2650

Allies Unite! From Diversity to Parenthood and Everything in Between, How to Both Start the Tough Conversations and Drive Change Around You

Ever think about turning your passion into a profession? These women did just that and take center stage to share everything from their “lightbulb moments” and big breaks to unforeseen challenges and if their craft-turned-career has indeed led to the fulfillment they first thought possible. Walk away with a fresh perspective and perhaps newfound inspiration to pursue the unconventional career of your dreams.

Jenny_Bonchak - Headshot.jpg

Jenny Bonchak



Slingshot Coffee Company

Liza_Solberg - Headshot.jfif

Liza Solberg


Spynergy Wicker Park

Tonya_Dalton - Headshot.jpg

Tonya Dalton


inkWELL Press

Riley_Betsy - Headshot.jpg

Betsy Riley

Head of Community & Programming


Retaining Brand Equity Through Company Expansion, Acquisition and the Unexpected 

Retaining Brand Equity Through Company Expansion, Acquisition and the Unexpected

McColl 2500 

Anna_Lingeris - Headshot.jpg

Anna Lingeris

Earned Media and Brand Publicity Lead

The Hershey Company

Hildebrand_Natacha - Headshot.jpg

Natacha Hildebrand

Vice President & General Manager, US


Powell_Chuck - Headshot.jpg

Chuck Powell

Director, Product & Marketing


Building positive brand equity is invaluable for achieving business success, whether an artisan workshop, small startup or global service provider. And once achieved, retaining brand equity is equally as challenging as consumer preferences change just as fast as the marketplace. Learn how you—or your clients—should be thinking about brand equity when company expansion, acquisition or the unexpected is on the horizon.

Building a Career in Finance: Finding Balance, Allies, and Opportunities to Learn

McColl 2250

What does it take to keep up with financial markets? How do you pursue continual learning and development while managing day-to-day responsibilities? What does a balance between work and life look like, and is it possible to achieve? How can you receive honest, helpful feedback from colleagues? In all industries, these questions matter--but we will discuss them in the context of the finance industry, with perspectives from women who represent a variety of roles and companies.

Startup Success: Convention Wisdom from Silicon Valley to Savannah

Allies Unite! From Diversity to Parenthood and Everything in Between, How to Start Tough Conversations and Drive Change 

Koury Auditorium 

Why isn’t anyone talking more about this? are words often murmured among friends or family when talking about sensitive topics. Diversity and inclusivity, planning for and  balancing parenthood, work/life imbalance. The more frequently and openly these conversations are had in the workplace, the more likely it is to see change. Hear from an impressive lineup of professionals whose voices are being heard, and as a result, are inspiring others to be a catalyst of conversation in their own networks.

Make Your Mark In The Future Of Tech
Iva_Vukina - Headshot.jpg

Iva Vukina

Managing Director

Goldman Sachs

Michelle_Shauf - Headshot.jpg

Michelle Shauf

Chief Marketing Officer


Jamie_Passer - Headshot.jpg

Jami Passer

Chief Investment Officer


Phillip_Yero - headshot.jpg

Phillip Yero


Strategic Business Manager

Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Hadley_Peer_Marshall - Headshot.jpg

Hadley Peer-Marshall

Managing Director, Infrastructure


Duncan_Melissa - Headshot.jpg

Melissa Duncan

Assistant Dean for Career and Student Development

Elon University School of Law 

Founder/Host, Influential Motherhood Podcast

Nousain_Jordan - Headshot.jpg

Jordan Nousain

Treasurer's - Bond Trader 


Closing Remarks: Jessica McDonald

Koury Auditorium

Jessica McDonald is a powerful forward with a proven track record of goal-scoring—she was the first NWSL player to reach 33 regular-season goals.  She is also mother to seven-year-old Jeremiah and her son is a huge part of her motivation to chase her dreams. As a mother, moving from city to city wasn’t easy, but McDonald refused to give up her dream: to one day make the National Team. “I wanted to be able to tell my son Jeremiah that I went for it,” says McDonald. At age 31, her years of unwavering perseverance and steady goal scoring paid off. McDonald was a integral member of the United States 23-player squad that won the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

McDonald_Jessica - Headshot5.jpg

Jessica McDonald

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