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Opening Remarks

Koury Auditorium

Kuhl_Joan - Headshot2.jpg

Author and Consultant

Why Millennials Matter / Kuhl Consulting

Joan Kuhl

Joan Kuhl is the founder of Why Millennials Matter, a champion for girls' leadership and advancing women in the workforce, and the author of "Dig Your Heels In: Navigate Corporate BS and Build the Company You Deerve." Join her for a warm welcome ahead of an inspiring day at CWIB Conference 2019.

She-Suite Fireside Chat

Koury Auditorium

Many lessons have to be learned alone, and for everything else there are women who continue to successfully pave the way before us! In this fireside chat, hear from C-level executives—each with a different background and perspective—on finding fulfillment and continued opportunity in today’s competitive market. Who have been their biggest allies? Does “luck” really exist? And, what are the most comfortable pair of power shoes? We’ll find out.

Creaing Experiencs in the Consumer Market
Post_Denny - Headshot.gif

Denny Post

Former CEO

Red Robin

Shuping-Russell_Sallie - Headshot.jpg

Sallie Shuping-Russell

Carolina Research Ventures, Chair

BlackRock Private Equity Partners,

former Managing Director

Struckell_Beth - Headshot1.jpg

Beth Struckell, PhD

Clinical Professor - Strategy and Entrepreneurship

University of North Texas

Creating Experiences in the Consumer Market

McColl 2500

Now more than ever, experience is the new luxury and consumers crave personalization in everything they see, do and touch. From financial institutions to fashion brands, companies are strategizing on how to best reach target customers in a competitive marketplace both online and offline. Gain insight through a retail and real estate lens and from seasoned professionals on how to best connect with consumers today.


Ana Maria Munoz


Port of Raleigh

Taylor_Mallard - Headshot.jpg

Taylor Mallard

eCommerce Brand Manager

Burt's Bees

Yathiraj_Sapna - Headshot.jpg

Sapna Yathiraj

Marketing Director

Boston Properties

Winnie_Tran - Headshot.jpg

Winnie Tran

Product Marketing Manager


Next Gen Tech Trends: How These Will Affect our Company and Career

Next Gen Tech Trends: How These Will Affect Your Company and Career

McColl 2250

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain. These are just some of the technologies and innovations disrupting nearly every industry. So, what exactly are they and how will it influence your company and future career? Join panelists from companies “on the forefront of tomorrow” for an inside look at how they’re revolutionizing the marketplace


Mackenzie Thomas

Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Lead, Consumer Apps


Nina_Elcock - Headshot.jpg

Nina Elcock

Senior Manager, Cloud Strategist


Garg_Neha - Headshot.jpg

Neha Garg


Director of Product Management


Michelle_Collins - Headshot.jpg

Michelle Collins

Director, Solution Engineering


Harnessing the Power of Self: Leverage Your Skillset to Shine in the Workplace

McColl 2575

Harnessingthe Poer of Self: Leverage Your Skillset to Shne in the Workplace

It’s time to learn from trained development executives and successful professionals how to harness the power of YOU. What do companies look for when naming executives? What simple things can you do in the workplace to make yourself stand out? And, how can you jumpstart your executive leadership and development? Understand which challenges and opportunities lie ahead in your career and start preparing now.

Liz_Dorney-Wilcox - Headshot.jpg
Lana_Petrocelli - Headshot.jpg

Lana Petrocelli

Global Procurement Director


Jenn_Giordano - Headshot.jpg

Jenn Giordano


Smartful Works

Michael_Christian - Headshot.jpg

Michael Christian

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Sarah Graham Kenan Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Academic Director of Leadership

Liz Dorney-Wilcox

Director of Executive Development


Startup Success: Convention Wisdom from Silicon Valley to Savannah

Startup Success: Conventional Wisdom from Silicon Valley to Savannah

McColl 2650

So, you have an idea for a new company or product, or are simply passionate about an industry and wondering how to break in? Great! Now, where do you go from here? Join a lineup of entrepreneurs who have successfully launched companies in both big and small markets to hear their stories of success, fresh challenges they face after months or years in the business, and most importantly, lessons they’re learning along the way.

Sarah_Yarborough - Headshot.jpg

Sarah Yarborough


Raleigh Denim Workshop

Waldron_Dana - headshot.jpg

Dana Waldron


Murphy Waldron Interiors

Leslie Bradshaw Headshot (1).jpg

Leslie Bradshaw

Entrepreneur in Residence

Bionic Solutions

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